Defending The Faith

Located in Room 201
This Bible study challenges the popular and trending
philosophies of the day, skillfully pointing out the fallacies
in their claims and presenting compelling evidence for
absolute truth as found in Jesus revealed in Scripture.
A book is needed for the class.  

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Life of David

Located in the Main Sanctuary
This Bible study will follow the Life of David from
shepherd boy to King.  Based on material written
by Chuck Swindoll and mixed with insights from
Pastors Terry Watson & Jimmy Hudson, this class
will challenge and enhance your faith.
No book is needed for this class.

Worship 101

Located in Room 202
What is real worship?  What does it look like practically?
Sometimes we make worship harder than it is.
In this study you will dive into the basics of worship
and gain a better understanding of the
what and why behind it.
No book is needed for this class.